How to Select Violin Sizes for Your Child

selecting a kid-sized violin for your child

Violins come in several different sizes to make the instrument more accessible to kids. Beyond the standard full-size violin, options include the 3/4-size violin, 1/2-size violin, 1/4-size violin, and 1/8-size violin. There are so many…

4 Hidden Ukulele Chords

hidden ukulele chords

It’s easy for guitar players to start learning to play the ukulele because the standard G-C-E-A tuning lends itself to the chord shapes that match the top four strings of a guitar. You’ll just need…

5 Tips for Beginner Bass Players

The bass guitar is a powerful musical instrument that must be handled confidently. The bass player can help drive the pulse, define the groove, change the chord, and if used improperly can weigh a band…

5 Tips to Keep Guitar Practice Fun

electric guitar player

Playing guitar is supposed to be fun, so how do you keep from getting frustrated or annoyed? Here are 5 tips to help you keep guitar practice fun: 1) Make practice time comfortable As long…

Do I Need to Sing on Key?

singer in a concert

Is singing on key required to be successful? Maybe not. Musical audiences generally expect singers to sing on key, but sometimes attitude or integrity of an idea is more important to the audience than pitch….

EarMaster 7.1 Update

EarMaster 7 laptop and box

EarMaster is proud to announce version 7.1 – a free major update for owners of EarMaster 7 offering many under-the-hood improvements and new features. Highlights Clap rhythms into a microphone – Users can now complete their rhythmic…

Why We Love the Soprano Ukulele

eMedia Mahogany Ukulele Pack soprano ukulele

The traditional ukulele is between 20″ and 21″ long. It’s called the soprano ukulele, and it’s our favorite ukulele size. Here is why we love the soprano ukulele. It’s the familiar ukulele sound Ukuleles today…