5 Tips to Keep Guitar Practice Fun

electric guitar player

Playing guitar is supposed to be fun, so how do you keep from getting frustrated or annoyed? Here are 5 tips to help you keep guitar practice fun:

1) Make practice time comfortable

As long as you are a guitar player, you will never stop practicing guitar. Since guitar practice will remain a huge part of your life you might as well make it comfortable. Whether you’re sitting in your living room or standing in a rehearsal room, it’s nice to have a cup or mug of your favorite hot or cold beverage at your side. Be wise and use a spill-proof container. If you’re sitting, use a comfortable, armless chair.┬áIf you’re standing, take regular breaks and have a comfortable seat available. If your practice space is cold, get a portable space heater. Remember to keep your guitars in cases with a guitar humidifier in each one.

2) Take care of your body

When you’re taking a break, get up and stretch your body. Your hands and fingers are getting a workout, so make sure to stretch them too. Although it can sometimes feel like you need to sacrifice basic self care in order to make time for practice, don’t sacrifice proper food and sleep. Take good care of yourself so your body can perform for you.

Here are some helpful wrist and finger stretching exercises:

3) Stay positive

Your mindset sets the direction for your life so get into the mindset that you are treating yourself vey well by practicing music. Growth happens in steps, building upon what you have learned prior. Remember that you will never stop learning, and since you’ll never be finished, just enjoy the ride! If there’s negative self-talk in your head just say “not now” and replace it with something positive.

4) Live your life

Make time for practice and don’t put off living your life. Make friends. See the world. Visit your family. Find love. And keep on practicing. Many of us are working some kind of day job. Whether you are a rocket scientist by day or waiting tables at night, you will need a work-life-music balance. Allocate a certain amount of time each day or each week to guitar practice. Make practicing a habit, and then allow yourself to live your life.

5) Make your practice time count

It’s better to spend 30 minutes a week making progress than two hours a day wasting your energy. Is your guitar practice time actually helping you? In a world with so much information available, it’s easy to lose focus. You could spend more time scrolling than practicing guitar. There are lots of ways to practice guitar. You could practice finger exercises using guitar scale diagrams. You could transcribe a guitar solo. You could learn a new strumming pattern or guitar chord form and use it in a song. If you’re obsessive and focused, it could be easy to get stuck in ruts. Have you practiced the same exercise too much? Using a guided course like eMedia Guitar Method can help you avoid common pitfalls because it has been written as a step-by-step curriculum.


Photo by Diego Duarte Cereceda on Unsplash.