How to Play Power Chords – Moveable Power Chords

Power chords are used primarily in rock music and are made up of the first (called the root) and fifth steps of a major scale. As you learn how to play power chords in songs you will often see them notated such as A5, B5, etc. This is to indicate that the chords are not major chords, as these would also contain the third step of the scale and sound very different.

The great thing about moveable power chords (also called closed position power chords) is that once you have learned one power chord you can use that same chord shape to play power chords in any key. For example, simply move the G up two frets and you have an A power chord.

To play a power chord simply use your first finger to play the root of the chord, and your third finger to play the fifth. For example, to play a G power chord you would place your first finger on the low E string at the third (3rd) fret and your third finger on the A string at the fifth (5th) fret. The brief video below taken from eMedia Guitar Method teaches you how to play power chords that are moveable.

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