Learn How To Play Vivaldi’s “Spring” on Piano

Vivaldi-Four=SeasonsSpring and Summer are both part of Vivaldi’s landmark composition The Four Seasons. The piece was created as a set of four violin concertos. Vivaldi was a virtuoso violinist and violin teacher, so violin was always a big part of his compositions. As you would guess, the themes in the Four Seasons represent Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

The Four Seasons is not only Vivaldi’s most popular composition, but also one of the best-known of all classical themes. Learning how to play Spring on piano will give you a piece that will be recognized by music fans of all ages.

Allegro from Spring

This is a very identifiable melody, and a piece that is great to play for friends and family. Even if they don’t don’t know who Vivaldi is, they will know this beautiful theme.

How to Play Spring on Piano

  • Download this easy piano score here. It is at a level that a beginner could play, and includes the melody. A more challenging piano score can be found here.
  • Watch this video that uses a MIDI display to let you see the notes used in the easy version as it plays. For the intermediate version, this audio recording is by the same person who created the score above.

Presto from Summer

The Presto section is commonly referred to as “the Storm” and is a great way to show-off a fast and aggressive playing style. We have only included an intermediate version of this section as it requires more technique to play.

How to Play Presto on Piano

  • A nice piano score for an intermediate version of the piece can be found here. It would be challenging for a beginner, but it is a great arrangement so don’t be shy and give it a try.
  • The video below is by the person who did the piano transcription and lets you see a bit more about how to perform the piece.

Practice Hints

If the piano parts seem too difficult, concentrate on mastering each hand separately. And remember that exercises in Intermediate Piano and Keyboard Method can help you to master hand independence and play with better dynamics.

Composer Profile

Antonio Vivaldi is one of the world’s most popular Baroque-era composers. Even Johann Sebastian Bach, considered the most famous Baroque composer, has cited his influence. Born in Venice, Vivaldi had quite a life; ordained as a priest, he spent most of his time in Italy. The influence of his work was felt throughout Europe during this time. He then moved to Vienna, based on the promise of the Emperor. Unfortunately, after the Emperor passed away without giving Vivaldi a commission, Antonio died in poverty, and his works were somewhat ignored for many years.

Other Versions

Vivaldi’s music has been enjoyed by millions and has been re-arranged for everything from electronica to heavy metal. It’s been very popular in movies and TV as well.

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