Rock Guitar Prodigy Tina S – Where “S” is for Shred

Tina S is a 15 year old electric (and classical) guitarist who has over 5.5 million YouTube views of her performance of Eruption by Van Halen. Watch her performance below and be astounded. Her guitar technique is truly fluid, yes?

Her Vivaldi Tribute below had her shredding on classical themes. It’s amazing how her fingers are so fast, yet you don’t see much expression on her face. Tina S is truly caught-up in playing the guitar. It’s interesting that most of her videos show her playing metal guitar styles. At some point we hope to see more of her classical playing too.

Here she slows things down and Tina S gets all bluesy. Watch her string bending technique here as she plays The Loner by the late Gary Moore. She is truly a guitar prodigy that shows a degree of musical expression far beyond her years.

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