Learn How to Play “Spooky” on Guitar

Spooky was a hit by both the Classics IV and the Atlanta Rhythm Section. And yes, there is a connection between the two bands. The Classics IV began in 1965 with guitarists Buddy BuieJ.R. Cobb and Walter Eaton, plus keyboardist Joe Wilson, and singer Dennis Yost. Later, Buie (as producer) and Cobb founded The Atlanta Rhythm Section.

The song is really fun for jamming and a makes a great Halloween song to play at parties. There are only 4 chords, so learning how to play Spooky on guitar is pretty easy. It primarily cycles between minor 7th and 6th (or 13th) chords and then uses an F minor pentatonic or blues scale for the solo.

If you have eMedia Intermediate Guitar Method, you might already know the chords needed and the blues scale. However, if you don’t know these, the video links below will demonstrate them using Intermediate Guitar Method’s Chord Dictionary and Scale Directory.

How to Play the Original Classics IV Version (Fm)


  1. Grab the F minor guitar chords and lyrics.
  2. Watch this video to learn the chords.
  3. Listen to the original Classics IV track.
  4. Watch this to get a feel for the rhythm part.
    NOTE: Chord fingerings in the video are different, feel free to use them if you prefer.
  5. And here is the very “groovy” bass part.

HINT: Open the TABs/chords in a separate window in your browser from the videos so you can see them both!

Atlanta Rhythm SectionHow to Play the Atlanta Rhythm Section Version (Em)

  1. The ARS version starts in E minor and then changes keys by going up one fret to F minor. So if you need help transposing, then grab the chords and lyrics for the Em version here and the F minor chords here.
  2. Watch this video to learn open chords to use for a simpler beginner version in Em. Beginners can skip the key change to F minor too. This video shows the Em barre chords that intermediate players should use and here are the barre chords for when it goes to F minor.
  3. Listen to the Atlanta Rhythm Section play it.
  4. This video shows the main rhythm part.
  5. For the guitar solo, note that it is after the key change to Fm, so you can use any notes from the F blues scale you see here. You can see someone play the guitar solos 1 and 2.

NOTE: You do not need to wear bellbottoms or blow-dry your hair to get an authentic 70’s ARS sound. Besides, platform shoes make it hard to turn on your distortion pedals.

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