How to Play “Summertime Blues” on Guitar

Learn how to play Summertime Blues on guitar and you will master a true classic rock track. The song was written by Eddie Cochran in the late 50’s, and then covered by Blue Cheer, the Who, Rush and many others in the decades thereafter. So once you know how to play Summertime Blues on guitar you’ll be ready to jam with everyone from rockabilly bands to classic 70’s rockers.

How To Play the Eddie Cochran Rockabilly Version

  1. Grab the guitar TAB (w/chords and lyrics).
  2. Listen to the original Eddie Cochran version in the video below, or Brian Setzer’s version (big hair and all).
  3. Watch a video to learn how to play the guitar or bass part.

NOTE: The guitar video concentrates on the solo, which uses hammer ons, and other techniques as seen in eMedia Intermediate Guitar Method and eMedia Interactive Rock Guitar. However, the rhythm part primarily uses easy chords that any beginner can play!

HINT: Open the TABs/chords in a separate window in your browser from the videos so you can see them both!

How To Play The Who “Live at Leeds” Classic Rock Version

  1. Grab a TAB with chords and lyrics for the guitar or bass part.
  2. Listen to the original track.
  3. Watch the video for the bass or guitar part (with solo).

NOTE: The rhythm guitar is mostly power chords, so it’s great for beginners. Plus it adds the “yank” technique as seen in eMedia Interactive Rock Guitar.

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